acrylic work

custom order Golden Retrievers

B E T A fighter with LED stand

Brown Trout Lx22"

custom order CLUB America mascot

custom works

custom works for Fish Farm

Bluegill Lx17"

custom order Hand Painted Bluegill Lx18"

custom order Black Bass Lx22"

custom order Crappie Lx9"

custom order Ghost Trout Lx8"

custom order Baby Bass Lx8" ea.

Grayling In Ice Lx10"

Engraved acrylic window hangings

Latest comments

25.04 | 19:32

Wow, Bill!
This one’s my favorite!
Are these all custom orders? Do you have any for $ale?

Mike & I sure miss our dinners at Quinn’s and seeing you.

02.03 | 06:18

Thanks for showing us your flying fish and mermaids. We really love your art!

10.02 | 18:32

Levitation diorama shows to great advantage your amazing vision in releasing the potential in an object. keep going at it !!

10.01 | 16:51

Good morning Joyce;
The infinity fish at Quinn's is one of a kind. I have a similar one that faces the opposite direction. They are both $1,000 ea. Thank you.