Dioramas for the wall, desk and book shelf.

Mid-sized dioramas for table, desk or book shelf.
Dream Container House Boat ~ Boat House cigar box diorama in 1/87th scale designed wit 3~20 ft. shipping containers with 19 LEDs on 12 v. system.
fish on cigar box diorama. Hand made Drift boat and 7 LEDs on 12 v. system.
Glory Hole.......... cigar box diorama in 1/160th scale desk or shelf diorama. 12 LEDs on 12 v. system
Oakland Harbor Lighthouse lighting the bay in 1/160th scale 48 LEDs on 12 v. system. Desk or wall diorama
Blue Moon wall or shelf diorama in 1/160th scale 88 LEDs, on 12 v. system.
Blue Moon sleeping with the fishes Wall or Shelf diorama in 1/160th scale (lights on)
A River Runs Through It Two city blocks of wildlife on the wall
Wall diorama in 1/87th scale. " A River Runs Through It"

Mary 23.06.2015 05:10

These are FABULOUS!

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25.04 | 19:32

Wow, Bill!
This one’s my favorite!
Are these all custom orders? Do you have any for $ale?

Mike & I sure miss our dinners at Quinn’s and seeing you.

02.03 | 06:18

Thanks for showing us your flying fish and mermaids. We really love your art!

10.02 | 18:32

Levitation diorama shows to great advantage your amazing vision in releasing the potential in an object. keep going at it !!

10.01 | 16:51

Good morning Joyce;
The infinity fish at Quinn's is one of a kind. I have a similar one that faces the opposite direction. They are both $1,000 ea. Thank you.