Flying Fish series... Suspended Sculptures that morph nature & technology

Badassbass 48" wall mount fiberglass

Walleye Flying Fish suspended sculpture.

walleye build.

Badassbass 27"acrilyc (2~way)mirror wing

450 LEDs and 55 ft. of neon wire with a 3" plasma disk.

Tarpon 40" wall mount fiberglass.

Tarpon with 400 LEDs and 35 ft. of neon wire

Tarpon wall mount

Custom order Taxidermy 40" Ling Cod & Taxidermy 9" Pirahna

Stealth Ray 40" suspended fiberglass sculpture

28" Rainbow suspended sculpture 27" Brookie suspended sculpture note... Brookie parts in previous picture.

Making a Fiberglass suspended sculpture

Flying Fish suspended sculpture (Brook) 27"L x 25"wing

Flying Fish suspended sculpture (Rainbow) 28"Lx 25"wing

  Flying Fish   series

           It was only a matter of time before my two interests came together. Fish and Planes are
one. Stationary wall sculptures and suspended
sculptures depicting a particular fish spieces morphed with a particular aircraft. In some cases I developed a custom wing.
         This was fun, because my imagination was not limited in any way. There are no rules once you put a wing on a fish. Some have pilots and some have lights. All are true to size of the individual fish. Several Flying Fish use a military them to bring in the human factor. It gives the
individual Fish scale with a cockpit and pilot.

Latest comments

25.04 | 19:32

Wow, Bill!
This one’s my favorite!
Are these all custom orders? Do you have any for $ale?

Mike & I sure miss our dinners at Quinn’s and seeing you.

02.03 | 06:18

Thanks for showing us your flying fish and mermaids. We really love your art!

10.02 | 18:32

Levitation diorama shows to great advantage your amazing vision in releasing the potential in an object. keep going at it !!

10.01 | 16:51

Good morning Joyce;
The infinity fish at Quinn's is one of a kind. I have a similar one that faces the opposite direction. They are both $1,000 ea. Thank you.