Aviation dioramas

The Real Dirty Dozen wall diorama in 1:400th scale Bottom view & Top view

"Tower To Pilot, What UFO ?" wall diorama in 1:400th scale terminal view~programable LEDs

night time

Bottom and front of terminal. Note.....3 small switches for LEDs

Come Fly With Me wall diorama in 1:400th scale lighted

Come Fly With Me Old terminal and tower

Come Fly With Me Take off and new terminal

Two airports on the wall

"Operation Inside The Box" wall diorama ~ fantasy hanger

Operation Inside The Box two of nine aircraft

wall diorama 1:400thscale 40 LEDs and military escorts.

worlds largest (sky lights)

The Real Dirty Dozen wall diorama in 1:400th scale

Tower To Pilot; What UFO ? wall diorama 1:400th scale detail is everything

 Aviationin adioramaformat is difficult, because of scale and
how it translates into realestate. All airports require space and plenty of it. Most airports are unapealing industrial areas, because of noise and polution. To make my dioramas appealing, I had to take some liberties with My composition.
  An airport without an aircraft flying is a "parking lot." So, I did need to put at least one plane in~flight. This automatically adds hight or depth to the diorama. Too many aircraft flying in a small space is unreal and impractical. Color was important, so
I needed to thicken tarmac lines and use large scale Lights. The typical airport avoids trees and too much greenery inorder to avoid birds and maintanence. For the sake of composition I included trees,palms and grasses.
  Layouts were done on a computer inorder to acomodate  buildings, taxiways, hangers and as many aircraft as possible. My goal was to create a final work for the wall where color and composition created a pleasing view from above, since All My airports hang on the wall.

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25.04 | 19:32

Wow, Bill!
This one’s my favorite!
Are these all custom orders? Do you have any for $ale?

Mike & I sure miss our dinners at Quinn’s and seeing you.

02.03 | 06:18

Thanks for showing us your flying fish and mermaids. We really love your art!

10.02 | 18:32

Levitation diorama shows to great advantage your amazing vision in releasing the potential in an object. keep going at it !!

10.01 | 16:51

Good morning Joyce;
The infinity fish at Quinn's is one of a kind. I have a similar one that faces the opposite direction. They are both $1,000 ea. Thank you.